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This bag uses a beautiful obi from Kageyama Orimono, a long-established Nishijin textile company in Kyoto.

This obi Textike is made with great care in every detail, using 3,600 warp threads, the obi is woven using traditional Nishijin techniques, creating a rich expression despite its pale colors.

The pattern is called Hosougemon. (one of the shosoin pattern(*) It is an imaginary flower pattern that was introduced from India through the Tang Dynasty to Japan around the Tenpyo era ( 8th century). Even today, it is used as an elegant pattern for obi and kimono patterns. (*)What is Shosoin pattern The Shosoin is the large storehouse (storehouse of the imperial court) of Todaiji Temple that was built during the Nara period (8th century). It has stored over 100,000 pieces of dyed and woven textiles, which are generally referred to as "Shosoinkire." In a narrow sense, these textiles are described as Shosoin patterns, but in a broader sense, Shosoin patterns refer to the patterns of valuable items such as instruments and furnishings stored in the Shosoin.

This bag comes with a chain so it can also be used as a shoulder bag. Top-class experienced Japanese craftsmen draw out the special characteristics of each obi sash through their fabric sewing technique by modifying the pattern according to the material of each obi.

SIZE;W 29cm × H 14cm × D 3cm



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