OBI-MONO Tokyo offers handheld pieces of Japanese aesthetics.

Our bags and accessories are made using vintage kimonos and belts to bring you a piece of Japanese aesthetics.

We take kimonos and belts that are packed with Japanese aesthetic beauty, and recreate them into bags that fit modern lifestyles, reviving as works of art that you can take with you anywhere. These bags are the perfect fit for that special day.



OBI-MONO Tokyo bags are made using hand-selected vintage belts
with superb patterns, designs, and colors.


ACCESORIES(Cushions, pouches, etc.)

Our cushions and pouches are made using carefully selected vintage kimono
and belt fabrics by experienced artisans that specialize in accessories.

Cushions, pouches, etc.

OBI-MONO Tokyo offers handheld pieces of Japanese aesthetics.

西陣織西陣織 / NishijinNishijin Textile

It is a general term for yarn-dyed monochrome textiles made in the Nishijin area of Kyoto, and is a traditional craft produced using a variety of weaving techniques such as brocade, stitch weaving, gold brocade, and rugs.

Sewn fabric bags ” Kireji “

Top class veteran artisans adjust their technique to suit the pattern paper they are using to bring out unique characteristics of their materials to complete each piece of the endangered art of sewn fabric bags.

The word fabric (“kireji”) originally referred to fragments of textiles, dyed cloth, and embroidered cloth, and is now also used to refer to antique textiles. It is woven using a variety of threads, and uses unique, difficult Japanese techniques.



Company Profile

Company nameSugasei Textile Co.,LTD
Head Office6-3-24 Owadamachi Hachioji Tokyo, Japan
Establishedin 1958
Business detailTextile manufacturing industry

The designer

Went independent after working as an assistant designer/MD in the fashion industry in both Japan and Italy. Certified as a designer and pattern maker in Lombardy, Italy.

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